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Aquascaping Style

The aquascaping style is a combination of many different styles to create a layout of a miniature landscape!

It is a modern style consists of many different elements and techniques. Some Aquarius artists all over the world apply some unique techniques to create a gorgeous lifelike aquarium.

Aquascaping Style

(Top 1 IAPLC 2015)

Aquascaping style usually uses small size plants like moss, dwarf baby tears, water fern, etc… which are easy to create a beautiful landscape.

Aquascaping Style

To have a miniature lifelike landscape, you must have an overview look at what your aquarium is going to look like. Besides, you must have a lot of knowledge about all aquatic plants in order to arrange them suitably in the aquarium.

Also, you should use all the aquatic materials such as driftwood, rock, moss, and sand to make it lively. In addition, to make trees develop well, light and CO2 are very important. And remember to make sure that there is no harmful effect on your plants.

Finally, about the quantity and type of fishes: A number of fishes depend on how much space left in your tank. And you should choose the color of fishes according to the color of your aquarium. This will not make your aquarium look messy.


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