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“Authentic” and “D.I.Y”  filter, what should I buy?

“Authentic” and “D.I.Y”  filter, what should I buy?  Maybe this is the most common question that the fresh-aquarium-users are wondering.  Awarding of this, today I would like to share some of my experiences when I used these filters. And I hope that I can give you enough information for making a decision on which one to buy.

At the beginning, I used the DIY filter, not because I don’t like the authentic one but because I want to make it by myself with a direction on the internet. But things went wrong because I just imitated the frame of the filter but I still didn’t understand clearly about the engine.  After testing this filter on my own aquarium, I saw the result: my house became a whole pile of water and the fishes were dying. Of course, after that day, I realized that the most important thing to have a good DIY filter is prevent water leaking out. After that, of course, I used glue very carefully and my filter worked well till now.

Later on, I bought another authentic filter (of course a new one) just to test. The filter ran smoothly without any problems but after that, I sold it to buy another DIY filter.

The problems between the two filters:

DIY filter has many advantages: Its container can hold a large amount of filter material. Besides, you can easily adjust the capacity of the pump. If you know how to maintain it, it runs pretty well. If it was broken, it could be repaired or replaced easily.

“Authentic” and “D.I.Y”  filter, what should I buy?

The only disadvantage of the DIY filter is that water can leak out easily. So make sure that you stick glue in the joints meticulously.  If you buy a filter, tell the seller to test it carefully. Or if the seller is too far from you, remember to buy in a highly-recommended one.

In the contrast, an Authentic filter has the advantages of a nice design, water doesn’t usually leak out. Pump capacity and filter container are adjusted according to the volume of the aquarium.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to repair if you have a pump problem. Some of you living in the city which has many technicians can repair it. But it is very inconvenient if you live in remote areas. Personally, I have not faced this situation. But my friend,  broke the pump shaft when he was cleaning it. And it took him a very long time to repair his pump.

“Authentic” and “D.I.Y”  filter, what should I buy?


The problem of failure is beyond our control. If you have a large budget for your tank, you should use the authentic filter of the famous brands. This doesn’t take you a lot of time to go shopping and adjust the pump’s capacity this filter also don’t waste too much electricity. But if you don’t, a DIY filter will be the best option because of its advantages as I mentioned above.

There are some experiences that I and my colleagues at Thuysinhvn.org have experienced. I hope that these experiences will help you to make a decision on buying the filter for your aquarium.

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