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Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

Cryptocoryne is one of the most beautiful plants in the planted aquarium, it has many sizes and many different types of leaves. Let’s find out how to grow and arrange it in the aquarium.

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Name: Crypts
Scientific name: Cryptocoryne
Origin: Asia.
Suitable temperature: 20 – 28°C
Light demand: Medium and strong
Development speed: Medium
Difficulty: Medium

Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

Cryptocoryne is not too difficult to grow. Some people said that Cryptocoryne grows slowly. But in our opinion, if you provide sufficient conditions for your planted aquarium like aquasoil, temperature, light, nutrient, etc, Cryptocoryne can develop well.



Cryptography is not too strict about temperature. Like most of the other aquatic plants, it grows and develops excellently from 20 to 24ºC. Beyond this condition, Cryptography still grows but not as well as within this range of temperature.

Light demand:

Some information shows that Cryptography needs moderate and weak light, but in our opinion and experience, you should use medium and strong light. For the 1m2 tank with 300L water, if you use 4-6 lights Odyssea 10000k, Cryptography could grow quite quickly.

Essential Nutrition

Cryptography mainly uses its roots to absorb nutrients in the substrate. So, the substrate with rich nutrient will help Cryptography grow and develop stably. Most of the industrial aquasoil brands now provide very good nutrient in the beginning. However, after 6-12 months, the nutrient is not as abundant as before. Therefore, besides using nutrient from the aquasoil, you can enhance nutrient to plants through its leaves. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of water- fertilizer that you can choose to provide nutrient to the tank.

Development speed

Its development speed is much slower than other plants. However, if it is provided enough the conditions above, it can grow noticeably after some weeks.

Some problems arise when growing Cryptography:

When the new Cryptography is planted, it usually is rotten and its leaves start to fall down. This usually happens with the plants because they haven’t adapted to the environment in the planted aquarium. But don’t worry, after a period of time, they will recover soon. Moreover, with any plant you buy from the store, you shouldn’t plant it directly in the substrate.  Just float it in the tank for 2-3 days so that it can adapt to the tank’s environment before being planted.

Another problem occurs is when planted for a period of time,  Cryptography starts to turn yellow. But don’t worry, because there is not enough iron in the tank. You should add the necessary amount of iron and it will develop again.

How to arrange them in the tank’s layout

Cryptography is a special kind of plant that you can plant it in any part of the tank.

In the foreground, there are mini Cryptography, Prava Cryptography, arrow Cryptography… They can replace other foreground plants and they also can be planted on the substrate. Because they are small and have a quite fast development, arranging it in the rock cavity is quite suitable.

Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

At the center: Some types of Cryptography have an average size (a little bit bigger than arrow Cryptography). Like Flamingo Cryptography, which is pink, is suitable to be a highlight the center of the tank.

Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

In the background: There are some types of Cryptography have very large and dark green leaves, so you can plant them in the corner of the aquarium tank to make the aquarium tank look deeper.

Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

Cryptography is a beautiful plant. If you know how to arrange it suitably,  it can make your tank more glitter and attract the viewer.

Above are some of our experience that we want to share with you. If you have any idea, please comment below so that we can improve the article and bring useful knowledge to others.

Cryptocoryne, How to grow and care

Thank you!


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