Flame Moss – How to Grow and Care for Flame Moss!

Flame moss, Tips to grow and care easily

Flame moss is a beautiful and easy-to-grow moss in Vietnam. The reason why people usually call it “Flame moss” is that it has a narrow and upright canopy.

Like other mosses, Flame moss requires a specific temperature. Most of the mosses can grow up easily but grow up beautifully is a different story. That’s why it needs a “specific temperature”. Flame moss grows and develops well at 24-26oC. The growth rate at this temperature is 1cm/week. Flame moss is green but it gets brighter and brighter on the top, which makes it looks exactly like a green flame.

Besides temperature, Flame moss needs a sufficient amount of CO2. For example, in a 1m2 tank (300 liters), it needs  4 bps CO2 during lightening time.

Not like temperature and CO2, Flame moss is not too strict about nutrition. It can grow up easily on a simple substrate.

How to arrange it in the overall layout of the aquarium:

Because of having upright shade, Flame moss is very suitable for simulating pine-tree, fir-tree, ancient trees, … Beside simulating such types of pyramid trees, simulating small grass is also a great idea. You can make it looks like grass by binding it with stainless steel. Because Flame moss is not as bright as other types of Dwarf baby tears so it is not suitable for making the tank looks deeper.

Good luck to you!

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