How to distinguish genuine and fake ADA

When we were surfing some aquatic forums and fan pages, we found out that the subterranean base used in Japan’s aquatic ADA is showing signs of being counterfeited, but that this is not so far off as our “beloved” neighbor, China.

Before distinguishing genuine and fake ADA, let’s start with its harmful effects:

  • Feces are prone to breakage
  • Make water opaque
  • Short usage time
  • Algae problems arise.
  • The most harmful effect is causing the feeling of inhibition!

How to distinguish genuine fake goods

(Information from

The left ADA is fake, the right one is genuine.

At the first glance, it’s hard to distinguish them but there are still some differences. The fake ADA’s toner looks pretty rough because the ink’s quality is not good. This makes words erratic and has a lot of white spots. The genuine one is a little bit lighter but the color is even. Also, the words are thicker

The seal is very difficult to distinguish, they look quite similar, but the genuine one has bigger words. However, It’s still very hard to buy genuine one if you don’t  have a sample to compare.

These are our tips for you to distinguish them. But as I told before, it’ hard to know if you don’t  have a sample to compare. So, here is some advice:

  • You should go shopping in reputable stores.
  • Restrict buying from resellers or online sellers.
  • Find out about it before you decide, or download this article to distinguish easily.

(And remember that “you get what you pay for”)

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