Micranthemum umbrosum: How to grow and care

Micranthemum umbrosum is one of the most suitable plants to decorate for the foreground in your planted aquarium! But many aquascapers have difficulty in taking care of Micranthemum umbrosum.

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Scientific name:Micranthemum umbrosum
Temperature:20 – 28°C
Light demand::Medium – high
Growth rate:Medium
pH:6.0 – 7.5
Position of planting:Foreground
Growing on ground:Possible


Not like New Large Pearl Grass (or Bacopita), Micranthemum umbrosum requires specific temperature! It develops well in cool weather. When planting it, you should set the temperature of the tank about 20 – 28°C for the best growth! Beyond this temperature, it starts to grow slowly and the leaves start to turn black.

Micranthemum umbrosum does not require too strict about the nutrient. However,  some kinds of new aquasoil with too much nutrient can cause rotten root. So, we highly recommend you to cover a thin layer of old aquasoil on the substrate to balance the nutrient.  Or you can use  ADA aquasoil. This is a good aquasoil that releases nutrient slowly, which won’t have a bad effect on your plants.

About light, Micranthemum umbrosum is a light-loving species. With the tanks from 60cm upwards, you should use 4 T5HO lights to ensure the light for the tank.

Micranthemum umbrosum does not ask for too much CO2! For the tank with many plants, 4bps CO2 in the lightening time will help plants grow well!

Finally, Micranthemum umbrosum especially loves clear water so remember to change water regularly and use the effective filter system.

Good luck!

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