Dutch style in aquarium

Dutch style” is one of the oldest categories in the aquarium. This style remains the elite of the aquarium by mixing colors, which creates a complete aquarium.

 Dutch style aquarium’s layout:

  • When creating a layout for an aquarium, the user often divides the tank into equal parts (usually 10x10cm). Then, they will plant suitable trees for each part,  depending on some elements like color and height of the trees. (you can get more information about these trees here)
  • Unlike other styles, a Dutch-style tank usually does not have too much free space. Often 80% of the aquarium is covered.

Some people use rooted trees or mosses to divide the layout of the aquarium into sections and then grow  individual plants as the following image:

Ways to create a Dutch-style aquarium:

  • First, you have to draw a specific layout for your intended aquarium.
  • Then you will divide your aquarium and prepare plants.
  • The importance of a Dutch-style aquarium is that you have to have a very good soil base (in Vietnam, the most effective Dutch-style-based soil is the mixed one. This kind of soil can nourish plants to have beautiful color …)
  • In addition, you should prepare such types of equipment to support the development of plants: lights, CO2 and….add Fertilization by the stage of the tree on planted aquarium.


(photo source: Google)

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