Problem 4: The importance of light in the planted aquarium tank? Which lights can be used?

Light is essential to all living things, especially aquatic plants. Today we would like to explain to you the importance of light and what kind of light can be used in planted aquarium tank!

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Light is a very important in photosynthesis! Light does not participate directly in photosynthesis. It is the catalyst which helps chlorophyll converts organic elements in soil and carbon dioxide in water into carbon, which helps plants develop! In this process, the plants produce O2 (oxygen). This phenomenon is called ” plants breathing”.

When the light is turned off, the plants’ respiration process occurs. This process needs O2! The function of this process helps the plants create the necessary nutrient and the balance, which are necessary for photosynthesis at the lightening time! Because of these reasons, light is an indispensable part of the planted aquarium tank!

So which light is good for aquatic plants?

den cho ho thuy sinh nhiet do mau

Just like in natural environment, aquatic plants develop well in a white light (White light is a light composed of some combination of light with frequencies in the red, blue, and green parts of the spectrum) or light with the color temperature from 5400k to 12000k (k: Kelvin – a unit of measurement for color temperature)! For red-leaves plants, they will develop well and have beautiful color under the light from 6200k to 6500k. For green-leaves plants, it is from 9500k to 12000k.

So what kind of light is good for aquatic plants?

Nowadays, all white lights can be used in the planted aquarium.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đèn thủy sinh

So we just need to put the light on the tank?

Yes, but not enough: Depends on your economic conditions, you can choose the suitable light! Hereby, I would like to inform you the pros and cons of each popular light:

LED: Beautiful light, with the color temperature from 6500k to 9500k,  radiates less heat than other types of light! And power consumption is also less than others. But if you want to use this type, you have to combine them together to create a tank with minimum brightness and beautiful white light. This is quite difficult and also requires you to have a lot of experience.

FLUORESCENT LIGHT: With some aquatic fluorescent lights like jebo or odyssea, you can put them on the tank without considering. But with the fluorescent light that used in the house, you have to choose the light which has the color temperature at least 6500k.  Moreover, you should use more than 1 fluorescent lights in order to provide enough light for your planted aquarium tank. But it has some defects like it radiates a lot of heat and also consumes more power than LED.

METAL LIGHT: An ideal light for aquarium tank because of its brightness, most metal light on the market have the color temperature about 10000k. It is suitable for the big tank! But it also has the disadvantages: Vietnam’s climate is quite hot and metal light radiates heat, which can make the mosses in the tank die. Besides, it consumes most power in comparison with the 2 lights listed above.

So what parameters should we use to choose the light?

First,  Let’s pay attention to color temperature: color temperature from 6500k to 10000k is suitable for planted aquarium tank. Depending on what kind of plants you have in your tank, you will choose the color temperature or mix the light as we mentioned above.

Next, you should consider it’s capacity and brightness. For fluorescent lights and metal lights, when you put them on the aquarium tank, you can decide the number of lights based on its capacity. The formula is 0.5w/1l for moss tank and 1w/1l for plugged plants. As for LED, you can decide the number of lights based on its luminous intensity in lumen (lm). LED is small but it provides quite high luminous intensity. Because of this, you should use the general formula is 15lm /1l of water.



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