The way to grow Eleocharis acicularis

Eleocharis acicularis is a beautiful and easy-to-grow aquatic plant. It mainly expands horizontally but still grows towards the light. Because of its natural characteristic shape, Eleocharis acicularis is usually used by great artists! Today, we would like to introduce you how to make a beautiful  Eleocharis acicularis carpet. But first, let’s find out some useful information about  Eleocharis acicularis

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Scientific name: Eleocharis acicularis
Origin: Global
Temperature: 20 – 28°C
Light demand:: Medium – high
Growth rate: Slow
Difficulty: Medium
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Position of planting: Foreground
Growing on ground: Possible

How to plant  Eleocharis acicularis


Clean the plant after you receive it, separate it into smaller clumps. Cut away the old roots, remember to leave the roots about 1-1.5cm

Planting method:

First, identify the area to plant it. It is usually planted on the foreground or on the vacant land on the background

Then plant each clump of  Eleocharis acicularis on the ground! When planting it, do not plug it upright. You should plant it incline so that it won’t be blown out of the ground when you pull water in the tank. The distance between each clump should be 3-4cm. You should not plant too thick because It mainly expands horizontally. You should give it enough space to expand to become a beautiful carpet.

Care condition:

Eleocharis acicularis is a light-loving plant, so put it in the direct light of the lamp.

Recommended CO2 is 2-3bps

In addition, in the newly-set-up planted aquarium tank,  Eleocharis acicularis can be attacked easily by harmful algae, especially Hair algae. Because in that time, there is a lot of nutrient in the tank.

In this case, you should raise some natural enemies such as Platy fish or shrimp to kill algae or using twinstar is also a good alternative solution! And try to limit the use of pesticide to avoid trouble arises later!


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