What is microorganism in the planted aquarium tank? How important is it?

If you have a planted aquarium tank, you must hear about microorganism at least one time in your life. So how microorganism effects to the aquarium that many longtime aquarium players pay so much attention to it. Today, thuysinhvn.org would like to explain to you what kinds of microorganism in the aquarium include and how they work.

Some common questions and their answers:

✎ Muddy water?  – More microorganism can solve this.

Bad smell water? – More microorganism can solve this.

✎ Water turns yellow? – More microorganism can solve this.

✎ The aquatic plants don’t develop well? – More microorganism can make plants develop beautifully.

– Almost the answers to the problems arisen in the planted aquarium today seem to relate to the microorganism. But do you understand what is microorganism and how it works? Today we would like to give you more information about microorganism-a very necessary element in the planted aquarium tank:

Among many kinds of microorganisms, the nitrifying microorganism is the microorganism that we can imagine easily in the aquarium: redundant nutrient from food and aquasoil is absorbed by aquatic animals. This process produces NH3 and NH4 which can pollute the water and facilitate the development of harmful algae in the tank!

The released NH3 decomposes and turns into NO2, NO2 doesn’t have a bad smell but it can’t be absorbed by aquatic plants. Accidentally, it pollutes the water and facilitates the development of harmful algae. At this time, if you add nitrifying microorganism to the tank, NO2 will decompose into NO3.  NO3 is natural protein and it can be absorbed by the aquatic plants and make the plants grow faster. Thus, thanks to the microorganism, we can limit harmful algae’s appearance and make plants grow better.

Besides nitrifying microorganism, there are many different kinds of microorganism were produced to take care of the aquarium tank.

➲ Cellulosic microorganisms: dissolve organic humus into carbon for easier absorption 

Ionized microorganism Kali, P, Mn, … are necessary for the aquatic plants’ stable growth and development. These micronutrients can enhance the ability to absorb the plants.

Besides, there are also many different kinds of microorganism that we can not tell you clearly in this article.

The problem here is how to create a stable microorganism in order to help aquatic plants and animals develop well?

Option 1: Add microorganism’s preparations into the newly-set-up tank

Option 2: Get water from the stable aquariums

Option 3: Wait! Microorganism in the natural environment is very abundant. If you can’t afford to buy microorganism’s preparations, you should wait for about 1-3 months. After that period of time, the tank starts to stabilize and naturally have the amount of microorganism.

Where does microorganism exist in the tank?

Microorganism exists in almost environment in aquariums! It exists in the substrate, where there are gaps like in the core of the lava, in the water, in the filter, etc.

How to take care of it?

Microorganism needs oxygen for it’s living, but don’t worry, if your tank has enough CO2 and plants, photosynthesis will create microorganism for the tank. Particularly, if you have good filter systems, the microorganism can also develop stably in your substrate and the filter.

Above is our knowledge of microorganism in the tank, we hope that this can help you.


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