What are the advantages and disadvantages From aquarium fish to aquarium planted tanks?


The world of planted aquarium is extremely lively, the aquarium with the meaning of bringing nature into the house has attracted many players and all ages. And Most of the people who started set up planted aquarium came from aquarium fish. Are you planning to switch from aquarium fish to aquarium planted tanks? So when it comes to playing aquatic life, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out with us!

This is one of the issues that most people who start to switch to planted aquarium are interested in. Switching to planted aquarium requires a higher cost to make your aquarium beautiful. Includes costs to upgrade such as:
– Glass tank: When you want to create a planted aquarium. The standard aquarium glass tank can fully depict the beauty of the aquatic world in the tank without being covered by any other part. However, this is not mandatory. The cost of having a standard aquarium glass tank is usually much more expensive than a normal tank with the same volume because the glass must be thicker and the quality of the glass required is better.
– Upgrade the filter system: Different from the filtration system of planted aquarium. The filter system of planted aquarium in addition to physical filtration that filters dregs, it also filters biofilm, which uses microorganisms to remove bad odors and decomposes kinds of dirt that are hard to filter by objects physical.
– Lighting system upgrades: In addition to lighting alone as in aquariums, planted aquarium tanks require a more standard lighting system. For plants and the natural environment in the tank to be developed.

– Planted aquarium materials: In addition to the basic conditions when set up planted aquarium tanks, players also need to provide tanks with other conditions such as CO2, soil, substrate nutrition, temperature … Although the cost of each type is not too expensive, aquatic tanks want to be as beautiful as on videos or images on the internet. Requires you to be fully equipped. So this is also a problem when participating. With a personal point of view, we recommend gradual and complete buying to experience, as well as to understand their function.
Planted aquarium knowledge:
– When set up Planted aquarium, you need basic knowledge about biology. Because what you take care of this time is not only fish but also taking care of an entire ecosystem including trees, fish, soil, micro-organisms, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the balance when taking care It is also a problem you need to pay attention to.
– Perhaps this is the most difficult thing we think will be the barriers of new players to the Planted aquarium world. Many players at first came to the Planted aquarium world by beauty. However, after a while due to the lack of passion that is large enough, it is not necessary to take care of the tank regularly so the tank gets worse and worse. Therefore, they quickly gave up this art.
Fish aquarium knowledge:
– The first thing we see in the players this time is fish aquarium knowledge. Due to the experience of fish care, since you have just started playing aquatic plants, it is quite well-known so the fish are usually healthy and easy to reproduce. Aquatic vision:
– Experience from fish aquarium. And set up the miniatures in the aquarium so the aquatic vision is very good. So when new players switch to aquatic life, in terms of composition, they always achieve higher accuracy. Solve situations that arise:
– Due to the available experience of ornamental fish aquarium, problems that arise will be easier to solve. Some of the common problems in aquatic tanks are water, fish disease or accessory systems.
Although there are many difficulties if you are really passionate about this aquatic subject. Do not hesitate. Try it and love it!

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