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How to deal with the leaked substrates

There are many causes for leaked substrates, but to solve this problem effectively,  it is necessary to find out its reasons.

The leaked substrate is the appearance of small dust. This dust floats in the water or latches on the face of leaves. The main reasons are low-quality substrates and not thoroughly processed fertilizer. Besides, in the process of making the aquarium, you spread a layer of sand and gravel but these materials were not thoroughly washed, which can cause leaked substrates.

You need to look closely to find out that the substrate is actually leaked or just opaque water!

Next, If there is just a little dust, you should change water to remove it out of the aquarium. Simultaneously, increase the efficiency of the filters. Observe regularly, if there is still dust existed, the reason is no longer the cause dirty sand and gravel anymore, but it is because of the aqua soil that you are using. But don’t change your aqua soil right away. First, we recommend you to release the “Workers’ Squad”: shrimps or red nose shrimps. These shrimps are freshwater animals. Not having big cheliped, shrimps are not harmful to aquatic plants and fishes.  They mainly live in the bottom, and dig constantly, which will flow all the dust floating in the water.  Then the filter will do the rest.

If you do all these things listed above but there is still dust in your aquarium.  It’s time for you to change your substrates! And remember to use a more efficient one.

(But in our opinion, after dropping shrimps in the tank, beside leaked substrates, also harmful algae are controlled as well. And there is no worse case that needs to be handled)


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