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How to make a planted aquarium tank

How to make a planted aquarium tank

“Having an aquarium with vary of luxuriant plants and swimming colorful fishes are not as sophisticated as you think. Today, Thuysinhvn.org will introduce you an easy way to complete an aquarium “

1-Determine size of the tank and then find a suitable place to put it (avoid some places like a bedroom and under the electronic components). Wooden cabinets or iron shelves are now the best things to put on your aquarium. After putting the tank on, make sure that the tank is balanced.

2- Lay a thin layer of rubber or styrofoam (depends on your budget). This is to avoid being broken when the tank is being set.



3-Put the tank on and then balance it.

4 – Firstly, prepare the layout for your aquarium and then draw its main parts. In the aquarium, 2/3 is considered to be a golden ratio. This rate will balance your aquarium.

Depend on the parts that you drew before, you can use cardboards to discern these parts like this picture:

5- Next,  spread aqua soil in the tank as shown in the picture. The cardboards are to divide the main parts which have different kinds of ground.


Spread the ground to fit the layout and then remove the cardboards (remember to do it slowly to avoid distorting the layout).

6 – Put in some rocks and stones: Put in the big rocks first. Next, place small stones around these big rocks to make the aquarium lively.

  • Continue to add ground or small chips in the tank to fill in the free spaces of the tank.

7- Take a selfie and post it on facebook to have enough encouragement for these next tough steps.


8- Trees planting: This is an important part of shaping the tank. The trees you can buy from the aquarium stores. You can also plant them bushy or sparse but I highly recommend you to separate them into small parts. This will make trees spread evenly and nicely.


9- The last step: After planting trees, start to pour water in the tank. Remember to pour it slowly because the trees have just planted in so the roots are very weak. If you pour it too fast,  The trees could be easily flowed out of the ground. Or you should put a plastic sheet directly below the tap so that the water can flow evenly, which can prevent trees from being flowing out.



After pouring water,  you should install filter, CO2, and light for the aquarium.

After a few hours running the filter, the aquarium will gradually get more and more clarity, you should raise some shrimps because they can clean up the dust left over when setting the aquarium.


(Image Source: ADA sir amano)

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