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Iwagumi Style in planted aquarium tank

Iwagumi is a simple but sophisticated style which creates a view of the undulating amazing mountains!

Nowadays, Iwagumi is one of the most popular aquatic styles because of its simplicity. However, simplicity doesn’t mean it is easy to make. To have a gorgeous Iwagumi style aquarium is quite difficult.  Let’s find out it’s interesting information with Thuysinhvn.org!

Developed by Takashi Amano, in Japanese, Iwagumi means rock arrangement.

Specifically, Iwagumi is made up of four major rocks:

Oyaishi: The biggest rock is set to sink on one side of the aquarium. It usually is placed in the middle of the aquarium and also be placed in the rate 2/3 of the aquarium.

Fukuishi: The second rock is a little smaller than Oyaishi, with the same color and placed in the opposite side of Oyaishi, which is to create balance for the aquarium

Soeishi: Usually placed next to two large rocks. Soeishi is used for filling in the space created by the two large rocks.

Suteishi:  small stones placed around the rest of the aquarium, with smallest stones placed in front and gradually the little bit bigger stones on the back. Suteishi creates a balance for the aquarium and supports the layout of big rocks.

Iwagumi Style in planted aquarium tank

About plants,  Iwagumi style is not as elaborate as the Dutch style. The most popular plants are Dwarf baby tears, Eleocharis.(trân châu và ngưu mao chiên) In addition, growing such mosses like java or mini riccia on the ground is now a trend for the aquarium. You also can grow water fern or tiêu thảo beside big rocks. In Iwagumi style, a background is usually left blank but if you like, you could grow some plants like cây cáo, Eleocharis to make your aquarium look deeper.

How to choose fish for an Iwagumi style aquarium:

Because Iwagumi style is a view of the undulating amazing mountains so fishes must be chosen suitably to show the aquarium’s beauty. Usually, you can choose small fishes which swim in schools like Callistus tetra, Serpae tetra, neon tetra and Firehead tetra.


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