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The filtration system for planted aquarium tank.

The filtration system is an indispensable ingredient of any planted aquarium tank! It makes your tank more beautiful and stable! And to help you understand more about the importance of filtration system in the aquarium, today we are pleased to introduce and explain to you detail of the filtration system.

Currently, there are two main types of filter: Internal Filter and External Filter. Aquarium filtration system is quite different from conventional fish tank filtration system! Fish tank filtration system is a physical filter where dirty water goes through and turns into clean water. And we only have to clean the filter’s sponge.

But aquarium filtration system requires more strict principle! It based on the microorganism’s circulation in the water! It means that there will not be too much sponge in the filter to remove dust and waste! The input of the filter insert is a mesh with many small holes which allows only water can flow through. So, how dust and waste can be cleaned? The answer is the water, after flowing through the filter,  will circulate to create the enclosed environment where the beneficial microorganism in the tank begins to work. And this beneficial microorganism will decompose the pollutant in the tank and turn them into nutrient which the plants can absorb.

Microorganism in the filter works in the closed environment. However,  it still needs oxygen to develop. So, when you change water or set up the tank, remember to create more oxygen for microorganism’s best development.

How to clean the filter:

For the first 2 weeks, you should clean all parts of the filter because, in this period, aquasoil in the substrate floats a lot in the water, which can clog the filter after a long time using. After 2 weeks, you don’t have to clean all parts of the filter anymore. Because at this time, your planted aquarium tank starts to stabilize so the cleaning filter accidentally take away the beneficial microorganism. After 3 months, you should change the filter’s sponge. After 6 months, open the filter to clean it, but remember that you should clean it slightly, don’t rub too strong. And you shouldn’t press filter’s sponge too tightly to prevent the pump from operating over capacity, which can lead to broken pump in the future.

And now,  we would like to introduce you the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of common filter on the market:

  1. Internal Filter:

Internal Filter is a very common type of filter which is used in the aquarium tank because of its simplicity and effectiveness. This filter’s structure is very simple, it consists of many compartments (usually 3 compartments) and a filter. Each compartment has filter material and water can flow through all compartments. Dirty water from the tank, flows into the highest compartment, through its filter material and then flows into other compartments. After this process, water become clean and will be pumped back to the planted aquarium tank. At this time, water in the tank is higher than in the compartment, will flow again into the highest compartment.  This process occurs over and over and makes water cleaner.

The filtration system for planted aquarium tank.

Advantages: This filter can be set up easily. The filter material can be removed quickly to clean. In addition, this is not a closed process so the microorganism won’t die because of lack of oxygen during the power-off time.

Disadvantages: This filter is usually installed at the bottom or the back of the tank and it needs a lot of space and also makes your tank look less beautiful. Besides, It’s difficult to set up the water pipes so that the water can flow through all the area of the tank.


In the world, this filter is more popular than in Vietnam because it saves space! It doesn’t require many compartments like internal filter. It also has many sizes that are suitable for all tanks. Dirty water from the aquarium tank is drawn into the filter then flows through the filter material and returned to the tank.

The filtration system for planted aquarium tank.

Advantages: space saving, easy to change filter material. You can choose between many designs and sizes of filter material.

Disadvantages: Can be broken down easily in strong impact! And besides, it’s components are difficult to replace or repair! External filter works in a closed process. And the microorganism can die in power-off time. But you don’t have to worry much about it. Because when the power is back, you run the filter for about 12-24 hours, the microorganism will work again and the water will become clean soon).

Above is our notes about the filter system for planted aquarium tank, thanks for your attention!


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