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The importance of temperature in a planted aquarium tank

Temperature seems to be not important to beginners. Some of them put the thermometer in the tank just to look more professional. But they don’t understand the importance of temperature to animals and plants’ development. Today, Thuysinhvn.org would like to specify the importance of temperature in a planted aquarium tank. này nhé!

The importance of temperature in a planted aquarium tank

Firstly, we need to know the difference between tropical and temperate plants!

Tropical plants grow naturally in a tropical climate (which is typically hot and humid) They prefer consistently warmer temperatures and more humid environments than regular plants. And they also can be grown at natural temperature.

Temperate plants grow in temperate countries, where are usually cool, so when you plant them, you need to invest in temperature systems.

Secondly: After categorizing plants, it seems that the plug plants can grow easily in the weather condition which inside and outside of the tank are similar. So we will have a talk about this. The next issue is how temperature affects the aquatic plants.

  • With newly-set-up planted aquarium tank, microorganism starts to work, the nutrient is abundant and metabolism occurs intensively, which create a higher temperature and lead to rotten root.
  • For the stable tank, the constant temperature can help the plants adapt to the environment. Plants are not like us, our bodies have a stable temperature, but with plants, their temperature depends on the temperature of the environment, and the color also changes accordingly. However, plants can still develop at the stable temperature even when it is not the ideal for temperature.

The importance of temperature in a planted aquarium tank

We will learn more about the impact of temperature on aquatic plants. We take the example in stable tank conditions:

The plants are always affected by the surrounding factors. And besides, chlorophyll helps plants to grow and stabilize.

Above 30oC, chlorophyll dies, which makes plants’ leave turn black! With tropical plants, this temperature range is not ideal, but most of them still grow. But for temperate plants, especially the plants which were bought from Holland, Germany or Japan, they will eventually lose their cellulose structure and their leaves start to fall down.

Below 12oC, the cellulose structure still remains and so does the chlorophyll in the leaves. But they will gradually stop photosynthesis when the temperature drops too low.

But you don’t have to worry too much about this because in Vietnam, except some high Moutain areas, the temperature is not usually that low.

What is an ideal temperature for a planted aquarium tank?

The ideal temperature of the planted aquarium tank is in from 22 oC to 28 oC. The aquatic plants can grow and develop most beautifully in this range of temperatures.

Ways to remain the ideal temperature:

  1. Use a chiller: This is an optimal way to remain the ideal temperature. It can turn on and off automatically if the tank’s temperature is higher or lower than the ideal temperature and it usually remains the tank’s temperature at 25oC. However, the chiller is quite expensive, usually from 90-220 USD. Therefore, not every people can afford to buy it.
  2. Using a fanThis is a traditional way at low cost, but it is not very effective. Using a fan can lower the temperature only 1-2oC. Fanworks based on balancing the tank’s temperature with the surrounding area’s temperature. So the temperature of the aquarium tank will drop just a little bit! However, it also makes the tank lose water quite fast so remember you to add water to the tank!
  3. The third waywe don’t highly recommend to use this way. It is using ice from a refrigerator to lower the temperature if the tank is too hot. And you should try to drop ice regularly. However, this looks not quite beautiful.

There are three ways that we recommend you to lower the tank’s temperature. You can consider your budget to choose the suitable way.


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