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The plants’ root is rotten! Cause and solution

There will be two cases of decay and rotten root

Case 1: Rotten root happens in the newly-set-up planted aquarium tank.

Cause: The main reason for this case is your substrate has too much nutrient. This is due to the fact that microorganism works strongly when the tank is just set up! Especially the loose substrate which has too much nutrient that aquatic plants can’t  absorb immediately.  But after a period of time, elements in the tank balance themselves and then, the tank becomes stable.  Rotten root will be no longer exist in your tank.

Solution:  when you set up the tank, you should change the water regularly (about 3 times a week). This will limit redundant nutrient and harmful algae.

Case 2: Rotten root and falling leaves in the tank stable-nutrient tank.

In this case, you should consider many different factors in the tank. Maybe it is because some animals eat the leaves. Or the temperature is too hot, which can break the cellulose structure in the trunk and leads to damaged plants. Besides, the long-term use substrate doesn’t provide enough nutrient for the plants is also another reason that leads to rotten root and falling leaves. So, don’t worry too much about it!

Solution: use the trap to catch these animals to avoid damaged plants! Lower the temperature if the tank if it is too hot. In addition, with the long-term use substrate, you should add more nutrient to the tank.

Case 3: The flow in the tank.

With the big planted aquarium tank, it is difficult for the filter to provide clean water to all area in the tank. Because of this reason, some places will have dirty water and leads to rotten root and falling leaves in this area. In this case, you should use a more powerful filter or rearrange the layout so that water can flow throughout the tank.

Above are some problems usually happen with the beginners. We hope that this informaton can help to solve rotten root and falling leaves problem in your tank.

Good luck!

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