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Use pesticide to control harmful algae. Should or not?

Your planted aquarium is attacked by harmful algae? Hair Algae, Green Water, Green Spot, Green Dust Algae, Black Brush,…are some of the uninvited algae that appear in every planted aquarium tank. Removing by hand is definitely can’t solve the problem thoroughly. Because of this reason, there are many kinds of pesticide on the market. But the problems are whether we should use them or not and how to use them! Today we would like to guide you how to use them suitably.

First, I would like to have a quick talk about how pesticide kills algae. Pesticide uses stimulants to inhibit the growth of algae. With some types of pesticide, If you use them just a little bit more than needed, they could not only inhibit the algae but they also could have a bad effect on your aquatic plants.

Therefore, depending on your purpose and condition, you can decide to use pesticide or not. If for some reasons like you want to have a beautiful planted aquarium with no algae in the short time or you don’t have enough time to take care of your planted aquarium, you can use pesticide. But please don’t think that it is a kind of panacea. Anything that breaks the laws of nature has good effects and bad effects. Plants just like the human! Try to think what happens if you do not eat well without exercise until you exhausted, and then you take a lot of medicine. Of course, your body is too weak and can’t able to withstand the disease and the medicine at the same time. And plants can’t either. If you keep on using pesticide continuously, your plants would be attenuated.


  • Change water regularly!
  • Adjust the light.
  • Release some natural enemies.
  • Reduce the number of fishes if possible.

Above are our experience with pesticide! And we wish you have a perfect planted aquarium tank!



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